Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November 20, 2010...after the first day of class

First class was out of the way and it was time to eat, study and sleep. Pressure of the up coming test is high but we were still having a blast in the snow!!!
sumo anyone?

My mini snowman

Danyelle was really hungry so we headed back to Hapa Grill to eat

Some kids playing on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant.  They were trying to see who could slide farther
Jack chose the shave ice option for dessert... 

Jack is cleaning the car and trying to fling the snow at me

the snow on the sidewalks was really starting to get deeper! 

The snow was really falling when we got back to the hotel so...
of course he had to do it...
The view of the hillside and some of the Tanger Outlets from our hotel room

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