Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010

This morning started out with Nicole's last day here at the gym.  She did:

10 Ab Mat Situps
10 Sandbag Thrusters (14lbs)
10 KBS (18lbs)
10 Squats
   5 rounds for time

Then Lauren came over and both Jack and I were able to WOD with her...that hardly ever happens.  Lauren is always my workout partner, but Jack is normally busy trying to do other things while we the WOD today was:

10 Deadlifts
30 GHD's or 50 Ab Mat Situps
    3 rounds for time

Pay attention to Lauren's face...always laughing!!!

After the first round of staring at Jack...Lauren had to turn around and face the other way so she could stop laughing!!

Terry and Nadyne came by for an early session today...

Then FloJo and Jamie finished out the day!

After everyone worked out, Jack did some kipping pullup practice.  He got 26 in a row again today!

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