Saturday, December 18, 2010

Team Competition Day!!! Dec. 18, 2010

So today was a little busy, but definitely awesome!!  We started out the day with a team competition class.  So everyone got split up with a partner and the WOD was to complete...

50 Pushups
50 Squats
30 Ring Pulls
50 KBS
1000m Row

Each movement was split between partners and the rules were you had to wait till your partner was done in order to begin your sequence.  We were odd numbered today so Kevin was a good sport and completed the WOD on his own...Thanks Kevin!

Below shows who the partners were and what order they came in.  Good job to everyone...each team did great!

Jamie and Tess
Terry and FloJo
Lauren and Nadyne
Once again Kevin gives us the best picture of the day.  He's putting on his sad face since he didn't have a partner to take pictures with...Lol!!

After we were done with our WOD, Jack had a private lesson to do.  They did some technique drills then a WOD, which was:

200m Row
7 Weight Vest Squats (18lbs)
   3 rounds for time

Once the crew was all settled down from the WOD they did, Lauren gave us a nice yoga class.  Thanks Lala it was was soooo inspiring!!! LOL Really though, everyone loved it!

Don't forget to concentrate now Kevin!

While we did yoga, Jack had an on ramp session with Mona.  She started out with a nice warmup then some technique drills then she moved right on to her first WOD, which was:

3 Ring Pulls
5 Pushups
8 Squats
   5 Rounds for time

Mona did great! She was a division 1 Volleyball player and a Coxswain for rowing so she's going to be a quick learner!!

And lastly for the day was Lora and Carrie.  They did:

10 Ring Pulls
30 Hip Extensions
   3 Rounds for time

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