Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve...Dec. 24, 2010

Munkosaur is ready for his WOD!!
This morning started out with an on ramp session with Jamie and Joanne, while our normal crew warmed up.

The On Ramps were:

10 Med. Ball Thrusters (8lbs)
10 Ab Mat Situps
    2 rounds for time
Total time- 4:12

8 KBS (10lbs)
8 Ab Mat Situps
    3 Rounds for time
Total time- 2:36

The crew did:

7 min. AMRAP
   7 DB Thrusters
   7 Pullups (ring pulls)
 -3 min. rest-
7 min. AMRAP
   7 KBS
   7 Hand Release Pushups

Tani played a soccer game this morning so her and DB made it by to do the WOD after that.  Congratulations on the win and the winning goal Tani! 

Once everyone was done, Jack and I were able to get the WOD done.  Half way through the WOD we remembered the camera so Halie was nice enough to take some pictures for us of the second half while the J-manator and Hannah cheered us on.  Thanks guys!!

Check out the 450m times. Not bad!! We had a 450m run in our warm up at Max. effort.  This is both mine and Jack's new PR's.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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