Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 30, 2010 Battle of the Hair

Today was another full day of on ramp programs.  It was Jack's first day off from work, but we were so busy it really didn't seem like it was a day off, we just remember that its always worth it.  The normal crew had the day off so we can get everyone back on their normal schedules so, we started out the day with a private lesson.  Private lessons are run just like the classes, but with individual attention.

Today's lessons consisted of the normal Dowel Warmup with some Body Squats, Ab Mat Situps, Back extensions, the Airdyne Bike, and of course some form work.  Then they got their WOD for the day.

-5 ring pulls
-10 pushups
-15 body squats
     5 rounds for time

After that we headed off to the chiropractor for a quick adjustment and a few stops on the way home before our next appointment, which happened to be another private lesson.  It was very similar to the one earlier in the day, but a different WOD was applied for this athlete.

5 ring pulls
8 Ab Mat Situps
8 Back Extensions
20 Body Squats
    3 Rounds for time

Last but not least we had Matt and Mikey stop by for a WOD so we were able to run them together and of course there were plenty of funny faces and jokes flying around with these least until the WOD started!  Really though, these guys are great...they're always making the best out of everything even when they're dying during the WOD and wasted when its done.

10 Pushups
10 Ab Mat Situps
20 Burpees
    3 Rounds for time

Matt is no stranger to Burpees, but for Mikey, this was his first time!

To our surprise...Matt shocks us with his flexibility skills!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 28 & 29, 2010

October 28

Today was extremely dead around here.  Jack's at work and everyone has so many things going on so Josh and Flo Jo were the only people to get in a WOD.

Josh did:
2 min. Airdyne bike
2 min. Rest
   4 rounds for Calories

Total calories- 131

Flo Jo did:
50 Pushups
50 Ab Mat Situps
50 Body Squats
     3 Rounds for time

Total time- 17:58

October 29

Terry and Nadyne are back from their Vegas trip so to give them some time to recover from the traveling, everyone got a home WOD today.  It was:

10 Situps
10 Squats
10 Pushups
10 Calories on airdyne
10 Burpees
    3 Rounds for time

Terry- 9:15
Nadyne- 12:39
Josh- 7:41

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

Josh and Nao had the day off today, Terry and Nadyne are still gone, and Jack was working so not much going on in the gym...Jamie, Flo Jo , and I had a short but difficult WOD.  The Airdyne Bike is our nemesis...everytime you get on this bike it never seems to get any easier!!!

Today was:
2 min. bike
2 min. rest
   4 Rounds for Calories
Danyelle- 90 Calories
Jamie- 87 Calories
Flo Jo- 87 Calories

October 26, 2010

While I was at school, Jack managed to get a WOD in before people started coming to the gym.

2 Rounds "Cindy"
5 Superhero Makers (35 lbs)
   5 Rounds for time

*video coming soon

First to the gym today was a newbie.  Jack started Mikey on some what of an on ramp program.  He does some working out already so Jack was able to give Mikey his first dose of a WOD.

-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 body squats
       5 rounds for time

Next up was Josh and Nao.  They did the walking lunge WOD today.

After they were done, Jack decided to get one more in before his work week begins and can't do anything.  So he did:

7 SDHP (70lbs)
5 Burpee Pullups
    5 Rounds for time

October 25, 2010

Today was definitely a little more relaxing...after I was done with school this morning, Jack and I ran some errands.  Halloween is on Sunday and we had to get some costumes so shopping it was!!  On our shopping trip, we made a stop at lululemon.  We picked up a few items, but Jack found a new pair of the "Game on Boxer Brief's".  These are awesome!  My favorite part about them is that they have a wood grain print to them, but in the end...Jack is the one who has to wear them so who care's what I think!  These boxer's are athletic underwear made for working out and everyday use.  They are made from coolmax fabric, which is moisture wicking to help keep you dry and cool and they have flat seams to avoid chafing!

After the shopping spree was over, we had to get down to business.  Josh and Nao popped in for their WOD's and then Lauren came over to train.  We started out today with some form work heading towards mastering the Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  It was fun to get in a circle and watch everyone trying to squat, shrug, and jump!

Then, we got Josh working on his WOD, which was:

7 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP) 53 lbs
5 Burpee Pullups
   5 Rounds for time

and Nao did:

DB Thrusters (8 lbs)
Ring Pulls

While Josh and Nao did thier WOD's, Lauren jumped rope with Halie and Hannah.

Now came the beginning of torture for the rest of us.  Once Josh and Nao were done, we all did our warmup of:

3 rounds "Cindy"
20 Ab Mat Situps
10 Back Extensions

Then moved onto our WOD:

450 meters of Walking Lunges for time

Lastly, Lora and Carrie came by for another on ramp session.  They did a warmup, more form drills, then jumped right into their WOD.

Thrusters (5lbs)
Ring Pulls