Monday, October 11, 2010

October 9th, 2010 Happy B-Day LaLa

My first day off of the week and time for Lauren's Birthday WOD. I put together a pretty gnarly chipper for her 24th. Here is how it read:

OooLaLaZ B-Day WOD:
-24 burpees
- 2 turkish get ups (18lbs)
-24 over head squats (15lbs)
-24 calorie sprint on airdyne
-24 double unders
-24 push ups
-24 kettlebell swings (20lbs)
-24 over head walking lunges (10lbs)
-24  GHD sit ups
-24 box jumps
-24 laying ring pulls
- 4 turkish get ups (18lbs)
- 450m run

It was a tough one! Lauren said it was a really hard workout and I am happy she found it taxing because she is an amazing all around athlete.

Later that evening I did a little clean and jerk workout. My technique is crap but I try the best I can. I did some warm up/practice sets and eventually got 185lbs for 3 reps. I am pretty happy with this considering it was my first time doing this movement.

I know it took me forever to hit three reps but I am still building confidence in this movement.

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