Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 10, 2010

Off to yoga this morning for a tough session. Coco really worked us today! I was soaked after a few minutes praying for it to end!!!, LOL!!!

Later we went to visit Jackie and Coco at Lululemon.  While we were there, we found this statue of Buddha and it reminded us of we had to take a picture!

Do they look alike?
The crew had a short, but not so simple WOD today.  It might look easy but when your'e going as fast as possible it's definitely a lot harder than it looks!

50 Body squats
50 Ab Mat Situps
50 Pushups

And since Jamie and Flo Jo missed the b-day WOD yesterday...that is what they did today.

Sweat angel wearing lulu...see it?
Halie practicing her muscle ups. Go Halie!

Later that evening I got my WOD in. Holy cow it was a hard one!!! Here it is:

-530m run
-25 burpees
 4 rounds for time

This workout sucked. I really had to dig deep to push through this one, but quitting is never an option. My time was 22:36. Pretty slow but I am okay with that time. It was a boost just to get through this one!!! Thank god that ones over!!!

Danyelle had a lot of homework to do this weekend so she wasn't able to do the WOD with everyone.  She did something a little different, which was to find her max weight on a turkish get up.  She has never done a turkish get up before so she did really well.  Tonight her max was 35lbs...That's pretty good for someone that only weighs 105lbs herself!  So i ket her company and did a few myself.  I got up to 93lbs.

Danyelle and I playing around.  I was trying to do a TGU with her wrapped around my arm! Lol

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