Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 24, 2010

Today was another full day of training.  First over to the gym was Matt.  He has been extremely busy with work and hasn't had a schedule that really fit into Jack's days off so he has been doing his WOD's at home.  Today was the first day he could get back over to the gym to train.  He started out with a good warmup and some form work then jumped right into his WOD, which was:

10 Ring Pulls
10 Pushups
10 Ab Mat Situps
20 Body Squats
10 Calories on Airdyne
10 Back Extensions
     3 Rounds for time

Matt was up for a little challenge today so this was his first WOD that was a little outside of the on ramp program.  He was able to do 2 complete rounds and made it through his 10th squat in round 3 before he had to stop.  Just after Matt was done, next into the gym was Josh, Nao, and Flo Jo.

2 rounds "Cindy"
5 Superhero Makers
   3 Rounds for time

We have to say thank you to Hardass Fitness for the idea on the Superhero Makers.  We've done Renegade Rows here at the gym before, but these Superhero Makers are just at an entirely different level of torture!

After they were done, we had another on ramp program class.  On ramp classes are always going to be short and sweet.  The first thing that happens in the on ramp class is a warmup, which usually consists of stretching out with some dowels and practicing form.  Jack really focuses alot of his attention on people learning the correct form of a squat.  Once the squat is mastered, it allows you to perform so many more complex movements.  After the warmup is done, your given a WOD.  Today was:

5 ring pulls
5 medicine ball thrusters
   3 rounds for time

Terry and Nadyne are gone on a short vacation, but they took a list of WOD's with them.  Today was:

10 Pushups
10 Situps
10 Body Squats
3 Burpees
   5 Rounds for time

And lastly was Jack.  The on ramp class put him up to a little challenge...they asked how long I thought it would take him to do Matt's WOD and my answer was between 5-7 minutes.  So of course he had to see how fast he could do it!  6:10 was his time so I have to say I was pretty on it with my guesstimation. =)

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