Monday, October 4, 2010

October 3, 2010

Danyelle, Flo Jo, Jamie, and I all got to go to yoga with Coco this morning at 10:30. Another hard class and I was soaking wet afterwards!!!

Lunch at Diamond Head Grill with Coco and Andy then off to Lululemon to grab my sister a birthday present. Her birthday is on the 6th, but I wanted to do a little dinner and presents since I will be working on wednesday. We grabbed her a new yoga mat, a yoga towel, sweatband, and water bottle, all in purple.

Next we stopped by Total Fitness USA to grab an extra set of gymnast rings.

While we were there, we saw something we just could not resist. There on the floor was a newly shipped in, multiple adjustable, back extension machine that could also be used as a GHD situp machine!!! It had to come home with us so, now there is a new addition to the Fitness Gone Bad family!!!

All that is needed now are our rope climb station and a concept 2 rower and we will be good to go!!! I wanted to get a WOD in but after the birthday dinner it was just too late to. That's okay at least I got the yoga in early!!!

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