Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010 WOD's

Boris post WOD

So I got to thinking today about what Crossfit training is meant to be. After some thought I decided to put this workout together:

-30 squat cleans (85lbs)
-20 GHD situps
-10 double unders
-5 muscle ups

These just so happen to be all of the skills I have a hard time with. Cleans, ah not so good. GHD, only done a few the day before on my new machine. Double unders, horrible. Muscle ups, only done a total of 7, EVER!!! So why did I put a workout together that I had no idea of whether or not I could get it done? Why not? I felt it was time to get these movements in a workout, why not put them all in one!!! I felt confident I could get it done.  Here is the video in two parts:

Rocking the Lulu!!!

Time on the WOD was 12:49

 I am happy with that. I feel like I am getting the muscle ups down. The missed attempts on the video are due to the rings and my arms being wet from the rain. When I wiped my arms and the rings with a chalk rag I could get them without loosing my false grip. The false grip and keeping your arms tight to the chest are key. I felt so good about the muscle ups that afterward I filmed two more!!!

After that I did one for my mom, then another for my sister. That is a grand total of 9 today!!! Very happy with that!!! As I start to do them correct my shoulders and neck don't hurt anymore either!!! Good stuff!!!

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