Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 4, 2010 WOD

Since Jack and I enjoyed the WOD we did with Lauren and Jackie, we decided everyone else had to be given that same opportunity!

The WOD was:

7 min. AMRAP
7 DB (Dumbbell) Thrusters
7 Laying Ring Pulls
-3 min rest-
7 min. AMRAP
7 Pushups

The first ones to join us today was Josh and Terry.  Josh did 20lb. DB's and a 53 lb. KB and Terry did 20 lb. DB's and a 35 lb. KB.  This was Josh's first WOD with the 53 pound kettlebell for his swings.  It took him a second to get used to it, but he did just fine. Good Job!

Next in the gym was Flo Jo.  Then came Nadyne.  Flo and Nadyne did 10lb. KB's for thrusters.  Flo got to try the brand new 18lb. kettlebell today and did wonderfully and Nadyne did a 20lb. KB.  Way to go!

The new machine is now part of the warmup.  Back extensions!!

Lastly was Jamie.  She did 10lb. KB thrusters and 18lb. KBS's.  This was Jamie's first WOD with an 18lb. KBS!!

Jack did a WOD that you can see in a previous post.  It's on video so go check it out!

LOL!! Jack is making such an awesome face!!

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