Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 26, 2010

While I was at school, Jack managed to get a WOD in before people started coming to the gym.

2 Rounds "Cindy"
5 Superhero Makers (35 lbs)
   5 Rounds for time

*video coming soon

First to the gym today was a newbie.  Jack started Mikey on some what of an on ramp program.  He does some working out already so Jack was able to give Mikey his first dose of a WOD.

-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 body squats
       5 rounds for time

Next up was Josh and Nao.  They did the walking lunge WOD today.

After they were done, Jack decided to get one more in before his work week begins and can't do anything.  So he did:

7 SDHP (70lbs)
5 Burpee Pullups
    5 Rounds for time

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