Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/06/10 Happy Birthday Jamie!

We all remember Jack had a special birthday WOD that the crew and I helped create for him.  Well, today was Jamie's birthday and she couldn't get away from a special b-day WOD for herself and the rest of the crew had to participate!! Everyone was given a different number of body squats to do for time.

Jamie (150 squats)- 6:41
Flo Jo (300 squats)- 17:39

Josh (300 squats)- 11:14
Terry (300 squats)- 9:58
Nadyne (200 squats)- 12:47
Nao (200 squats)-13:23

For me, I got to skip the body squats and go to one of Coco's yoga classes.  Jack, Flo, Jamie, and I go to Coco's class every sunday, which is supposed to be a beginners class, but don't get it twisted...Coco's class is HARD!!! So somehow she convinced me that I should come to one of her Monday or Wednesday evening classes, which is a little more advanced.  It was great as always...Coco is the best teacher ever!  She comes around the room to correct your postures and helps you stretch deeper into your poses.  Tonight was a little different from the Sunday class. It was a faster flow and a few new poses I've never done, she threw in a partner pose towards the end of the class, and of course the infamous core sequence that I always die on (that part never seems to get any easier).  The class definitely made me sweat as always, but I always feel good after!

Coco demonstrating how to do the partner pose.  Look how straight she is!!

Jackie and Tess were at the class tonight as well.  They invited me to join them at Coffee Bean and Tea after class so we all stopped off there right up the road.  What a nice evening!

After a 17 hour day, Jack decided to fit in a quick WOD while he still had some energy.  He feels like 3 days off in a row is leaving hum at a disadvantage.  He feels that the long hour days affect his WOD's and isn't allowing him to improve as much as he would like.

50 body squats

50 body squats
50 Ab Mat Situps
50 Pushups
For time

He did it in 4:34...Great job!

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