Friday, October 8, 2010

Danyelle's Blog October 7, 2010

Day #2 of work for Jack today and a hard WOD for us.  When I read the WOD for today it didn't look that bad, but when I watched Josh do it first I thought to myself that I better get my butt moving and do it now.  I should have known better...everytime you read a WOD, it never looks as bad as it is!  Josh made it look so hard that I was actually getting anxiety sitting there watching him.  So, when he was done i decided to jump on it and get it over with.  Josh was nice enough to stay and time, watch, take pictures, and motivate me through today's WOD.  I'm glad he did because geez it was HARD!!!

20 Burpees
20 KBS
20 Ab Mat Situps
5 rounds for time

Not too bad right? WRONG!  I hate burpees.  Everytime we have a WOD with burpees i always seem to be dying.  Burpees are not only taxing on your arms and legs, but your lungs too!  So by the time i got to the kettlebell swings I felt like i could barely get the KB over my head so i thought to myself i would use the situps as my time to catch my breathe.  Wrong again!  I never knew your arms could get tired from doing situps!  With the Ab Mat situps you reach your arms back over your head then bring them up between your legs when your come to the top of the situp so my arms didn't actually get the break they needed before jumping into those horrible burpees again.  So let's give Josh a congratulations for the fastest time of the day.  Good Job!

Halie showed Hannah how to do the warmup today so Hannah jumped right it!

How could you be laughing during this WOD? I was busy trying to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest! lol

Nadyne wasn't feeling too good today so she did a small WOD and Halie didn't have homework to do tonight so she wanted to jump in as well.  So they did something a little different.  

Nadyne did:
5 rounds of
10 Ab Mat Situps
10 Asst. Pullups

Halie did:
5 rounds of
10 Ab Mat Situps
10 Pushups

After Halie did her WOD, she decided to draw on the whiteboard.  This is what she came up with...I thought it was hilarious and just had to add it to the blog.

Check out the headband...even the drawings at our gym rock the lulu! Lol

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