Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 16, 2010

Lauren and her twin cousins Ashley and Karie came over for a WOD Saturday. They were in town to visit and Lauren wanted a hard WOD for a nice little challenge. Let me tell you these girls were out for blood, LOL!!! The girls did amazing!!! I have been blessed to train so many athletes who are such fast learners!!! Here is their WOD:

-530m run
-25 burpees
 Four rounds for time

Here is how it looked!!!

Look at her hamstring!!! DAMN!!!

Lauren and her family, burpees make them smile!!!

Karie does her Titanic re-enactment

And their off!!!

Still smiling

Hi, come here often?

Assume  the position

Post workout cool down

I would like to mention that these girls wore the best shoes in the world for their WOD, Hawaiian style baby!!!

Hannah showing us a very impressive one hand one leg pushup!

As for me I needed a little break, work has been killing me. I decided to just do some jumps. Here is what I did:

AMRAP in 15 minutes
-car jumps

Did not keep track of the exact number just kept going.

Not sure on exact hight either but it was around 39"-40" or so.

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