Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The gym is growing!!

Through some purchases of our own and through some really generous Christmas gifts from our crew our gym has been growing. There has been quite a few additions to the family!!!

Bar rack we picked up from Total Fitness USA http://www.totalfitnessusa.biz/ Thank you Jamie!!!

Ab Mats locally!!! Awesome!! Also from Total Fitness USA

Kettlebell collection getting bigger!!! Thanks Matt, Mike, Terry, Nadyne, and Danyelle!!!

Home made 20" box, thank you Crossfit mainsite!!!


Model C we found at a awesome price and in awesome shape!!!

Spealler was right, the Airdyne is worst!!!!

Flo Jo grabbed another Back Extension (Hip Extension), GHD machine from Total Fitness as a Christmas present to the gym! Thanks Flo Jo!!!

20lb & 12lb medicine balls and more climbing holds!!!
Few more sandbells to add to the mix, some loaded with straight sand some loaded with a little copper shot to make things more interesting!!!

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