Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13, 2010

Kevin came by today for a WOD today. Its always awesome to have him by and we are glad to have him at our box! Today was different in that he had four WODs to pick from. Being the crazy man that he is he chose the 3 rounds, 450m run, 15 pull ups, 50 squats, and 15 pull ups. Who picks that???? In the heat no less!!! Well he rocked it out in true Crossfit fashion, never wavering even though he suffered a good tear to his hands in the first round!!! We love Kevin here and glad he is making part of his fitness journey on our ship!!!
Blazing up the run
Homeboy got a damn good looking butterfly!!!

Ahh, the hose!!! Its the little things in life...
Yet another classic post WOD pic!!!
Our workout read as:

5 rounds for time
500m row
7 thrusters at 135lbs

Sounds like a fun one huh? Man thrusters really are a brutal exercise! I have never done anything above 95lbs and as the workout neared I started getting the crossfit anxiety!!! This is also only our second WOD with the Concept 2 and we are enjoying the new toy. I must say the Airdyne has prepared us well!!!

Up first was Danyelle
Sweet depth!! This is only Danyelle's second time doing thrusters with weight!!! Rock solid through the middle!!!

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