Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy B-Day Matt!!! Dec 22, 2010

So today was Matt's 27th B-Day and as always...we designed a birthday WOD and as always we were ALL excited!!  The plan was to have a class so that we could all do the WOD together, but poor Matt had to deal with his apartment flooding!!! Imagine that on your b-day!  We decided to do that WOD anyway and Matt could do it at another time.  So, the WOD was:

450m run
27 Wall Balls
27 GHD's or 54 Ab Mat Situps
27 Calories on Airdyne
27 Pushups
27 Double Unders or 135 Singles
27 Hip Extensions
27 Box Jumps
27 Thrusters
500m Row
27 Burpees
Thanks for being 27 Matt!!!
Matt was able to make it by the next day to do his special WOD and luckily, Lauren and Ashley were able to come by and do it with him.  Ashley goes to Loyola Marymount University and is back home for her x-mas vacation, but she has joined us at the gym before and with the competitiveness between cousins, she gets no breaks!  Don't get it twisted though, Ashley has always played sports so she's in great shape!

Since the J-manator gets home from work so late, we didn't want her doing the b-day WOD by herself and since she missed the WOD the day before, that's what she did. It was:
30 KBS (20lbs)
25 Wall Balls (14lbs)
20 Ring Pulls

Lastly, Carrie came by for a WOD and we had a couple of on ramp sessions today.

**Video of the B-Day WOD coming soon

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