Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas from Munkosaur!
Our christmas starts out with a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner courtesy of FloJo then some opening of gifts.  This year it was our house first so we had the adults sit in the "hot seat" for their gifts.

What's in the bag graggy?
Boris is helping everyone open their gifts.  This is her favorite thing to do!

Then on Christmas day, we start with Halie and Hannah opening their gifts at FloJo's house and the adults follow.

Munkosaur made it to the festivities...
Waiting for their big surprises.
The girl's brand new scooters!
Speed Demon!! 

FloJo jumped on for a try.
Halie got an upgrade since she grew out of her old bike.
Jack is trying to teach Hannah how to ride on a two wheeler...go Hannah!!!
Then in the evening we go to my grandma's house to open gifts and have dinner.  This Christmas was a crab dinner...YUM!!!

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