Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 20, 2010

Today was another rainy day, but we got it done!  This morning started out with a small class. Terry, Nadyne, FloJo, Tess, and Kevin got their WOD done nice and early.  It was a:

12 min. AMRAP of
400m run (450m)
5 Deadlifts

For today, even though it was an AMRAP we let everyone finish out their rounds for time!

the gym all set up...looked pretty good today!

group board picture...nice top model pose kevin!

Tani's home for x-mas break and wanted to get her workout in!  She is a division 1 soccer player for Penn State...go Tani!!!
DB came to get in a good WOD with his sister as well.  This was Tani's first crossfit workout, but since she's in great shape and trains everyday while in school, we gave the two of them:

20 KBS
15 Wall Balls
10 Ring Pulls
   3 rounds for time

After DB and Tani were done, Lauren, Matt and myself did the same WOD but with a different rep scheme.  It was:

30 KBS
25 Wall Balls
20 Ring Pulls
    3 rounds for time

When Lala and Jack are never stop laughing!

Great face...always smiling!! Lol

I think lala is ready for the body building competition! 
Last up for the day was Jamie.  She did the WOD from this morning, which was the run, deadlift WOD.

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