Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 12, 2010

Since we got a new addition to the gym...we had to get in our first rowing WOD.  Today was:

1000m row for time
Nadyne being silly while doing her WOD

We also stopped by at Total Fitness USA today.  We've been to the store before and the people there are great, but today we met Andrew who is a fellow crossfitter.  We had a nice long conversation with him and they're really moving towards brining in a lot of great crossfit equipment and may even test out running some classes in their store!  

Today we went in to pick up some gifts for christmas from our crew.  They got us another back extension (hip/GHD) machine, a new 6ft. long aluminum 20lb. bar for the ladies in the gym, and a bar rack.  So we have to say thank you to FloJo, Josh, and Jamie.  Jack and I picked up another Ab Mat because you can never have to many of those and some extra warmup bands for ourselves.

Jack and I were really excited about Total Fitness beginning to bring in all this crossfit equipment!  They have great prices and great customer service there and if you don't know...shipping to Hawaii is outrageous so being able to get these items locally is a dream!  Go check them out at  http://totalfitnessusanet.leads.com/.  They're located right next to Marukai Market on Dillingham Blvd.

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