Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 4, 2010

Rocket's ready for his WOD!

Jack did a WOD today that includes thrusters and pullups and has the same amount of total reps as "Fran", which is everyone's favorite workout!  This WOD is just split up differently:

9 Thrusters (95lbs)
9 Pullups
5 Rounds for time

Jack said it's just as hard as Fran!
For the rest of us, we did a "Fight Gone Bad" style WOD meaning we did:

1 min. Wall Balls
1 min. Ab Mat Situps
1 min. Pushups
1 min. Squats
1 min. Airdyne
    -1 min. rest-
3 Rounds for time

Lauren joined us today for one of her normal Saturday WOD's, but we also had Tess and Kevin from Lululemon come by to check out the gym and get a WOD in.

Kevin dug out before we all caught our breath's and remembered to take a picture!
After we were all done doing our WOD's, DB came by to do his workout.  He did:

1000m row (0.6mi. airdyne)
50 Thrusters (33lbs)
30 Pullups (jumping)

This is only DB's second time training at the gym...he's really doing awesome!

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