Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday November 20, 2010, Morning, noon, and snow

 Today was the first day of our certification. Up early to hit the gym and register. Nerves were going crazy. I must admit being this nervous is not normal for me. I have Drag Raced streetbikes professionally, grappled, trained fighters, and been in many high stress situations at work but this cert is taking the cake on nerves!!!!
Getting cold!!!
Can't believe we are here!!!
First traces of snow were falling. Danyelle was thrilled!!!
Hackenbruck doing ring hand stand pushups
The Elite warm up for their WOD

Eric O'Connor was the first to go. Deadlifts, pullups, Hand Stand Push ups, and Double unders, fun!!!

These guys are unreal!!!
Speal stalking his WOD
He moves so fast this is the only picture of his WOD not blurry

The boys getting some in the corner. Thats 315lbs on the bar!!! 

He is jumping rope. His feet don't even look like they are off the ground!!!
Miranda was awesome to us!
 After watching the elite at lunch it was back to class and the looming pressure of what workout we were going to do. At the very last minute they broke the news to us, FRAN!!! Danyelle and I were so worried, it was our first time in a class environment and Fran is no joke. Not to mention that we were at 6500' above sea level. I really did not know the effect of the altitude but I would soon find out. Reason for the pressure was that the elite do Fran in 2:30 or less, I have done Fran once and my time was an 11:50 something. This WOD had a 10 minute cut off. YIKES!!!!
 Well Danyelle rocked her Fran out with a 9:13, I was not so lucky. I went hard on my first round of Thrusters thinking that I would catch my breath on my way to the the pull up rig, WRONG!!! This is where I met Mr. Altitude, and let me tell you, he is not fun. It was like trying to do a WOD with an Asthma attack!!! I did not make the limit but it was a PR for me, 10:43. I am proud of that time, I had no air but I did not quit. It was awesome to have all the elites cheering me on. I think the important part of Crossfit is to not quit, it is all I ask of those who train with me. Fran was done and it was time to begin the snow chapter of our trip!
This was waiting for us after the first day of class!!!
I am still wrecked after Fran

Had to do it!!!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am not saying no names but someone is thrilled!

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