Friday, November 5, 2010

Hyperwear Sandbell

We picked up a Hyperwear Sandbell for our gym.  It is such an excellent product!!! It is basically a cross between a dumbbell, kettlebell, and a sandbag. Filling is a breeze and this thing is tough as nails!!! The only limit to its use is your imagination! Deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, overhead squats, neck work, thrusters, grip work, the list can go on and on!!! Hyperwears products are original and second to none!!! They have a awesome weight vest that we use here at FGB and a product I eventually want to test called the Cooling Vest. Check them out at , you won't be disappointed.
We desided on a 50lb for our first sandbell

Being that we are in Hawaii I refused to buy and use playground sand!!! O'Naturale for us!!!

Special patent pending nozzle called a Ngazzle (pronounced nozzle) made the sand fill a breeze. Anyone who has tried to make there own medicine balls with sand knows how hard this process can be!!!

Fill her up!!!

Moved along quite well
All filled up, actual weight is 57lbs

The awkwardness of the weight makes using a sandbell a whole new experience
This photo shows how the weight wants to do its own thing!!!

Makes a pretty good hat also
Giving new meaning to the overhead squat!!!

Talk about neck work!!!


  1. The folks here at Hyper Wear wanted to send you guys a big THANKS for your excellent feedback! We are so glad you are enjoying the SandBell and putting it to good use!

    You guys seem pretty creative, but if you ever need more ideas, check out our You Tube page and drop on by our Facebook page to see what our other fans are up to - and to share your great ideas!

    If you find you need some more SandBells and / or decide to order that cooling vest, let me know...I might have to find a way to deliver it in person since you live in my favorite place on the planet!!

    Be Hyper~
    Suzi Raines

  2. Just received my sandbells and wanted to ask before I attempted to fill them, how do you keep them shut and not leaking sand? The rubber bands they provide don't seem like they're too secure. Any advice would be much appreciated.