Monday, November 15, 2010

November 14, 2010

My new earrings courtesy of Climb Aloha

This morning started out with a private lesson with the normal warmup, form work, and WOD.

Since we all had such a hard WOD yesterday, the crew had today off except FloJo and Matt.  They both missed out on all the fun today so they got to make it up!  FloJo was in for a relatively easy WOD while Matt got to do a version of the team WOD.  So FloJo was up first and I jumped in to keep her company.

Later in the day, Matt stopped by and got in his WOD.  Since Matt didn't have a partner, his WOD read:

100 KBS (26 lbs)
100 Body Squats
50 Pushups
50 Ab Mat Situps
50 Ring Pulls
50 Sandbell Thrusters (57 lbs)

Rules- Rest between each evolution will equal the amount of time it took to complete the evolution.  At the end of the WOD, Matt had to look up the word phyllome in the dictionary.  Time stops when the correct spelling of the word is given.

We told Matt to do Crossfit but he dressed for  the Filipino Fiesta!!!

Wow, look at that sky!!! It's like something out of a prince video!!!! LOL!!!

A wise man once said...

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