Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday November 13, 2010

Today was crazy!! We did something very different.  Jack was inspired by the idea of a team competition so that's what he came up with.  It was definitely hard, but fun at the same time. Whenever you have a partner and the words competition come up...people are always trying to strategize how to win, cheer for their teammates, and don't be offended by the trash talking!!! It's all in fun!

Teams were:
Terry and Nadyne
Jack and Jamie
Lauren and Danyelle

200 KBS (35/20)
200 Body Squats
100 Pushups
100 Ab Mat Situps
100 Ring Pulls
100 Sandbell Thrusters (57/20)

Rules- Totals are split between partners, but partner can't start their turn until other partners reps for that evolution are done. Time stops when both partners finish the last rep of the last evolution.

Josh couldn't make it to the team competition so he showed up a little later, but that means he got a different WOD.  Then after his WOD, Josh did some pad work and grappling.

8 min. AMRAP
8 DB Shoulder Press (25 lbs)
8 KBS (53 lbs)
12 Ab Mat Situps

When Josh was done, Lora and Carrie came by to get in a WOD.  They had the same 8 min AMRAP, just with different weights and reps.  With each round, they decided to try alternating weights.  It worked out wonderfully and they were able to push themselves to keep up with each other.

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