Friday, November 12, 2010

November 8, 2010

Today the crew had a pretty rough workout, but they did great as usual.  This was Matt's first running WOD so it took him a little bit to get used to catching your breath while running.

450m Run
21 Wall Balls
12 Ring Pulls
   3 Rounds for time

After the crew was done with their WOD, Lora and Carrie came by for theirs. They did the same WOD but with a different amount of reps.  It was:

450m Run
15 Wall Balls (8 lbs)
8 Ring Pulls
   3 Rounds for time

Jack and I didn't get a chance to do the WOD on monday, but we did some GHD situps.  Jack did:
50 GHD Situps for time

And for me, I just did some GHD practice.  I'm not quite at the point of doing 50 in a row!

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