Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010

Todays workout was a tough AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) triplet. It consisted of wall balls, GHD sit ups (sub Ab Mat), and back extensions (sub good mornings). Looks not to bad on the board as usual but when in action it really takes it to you. GHD wrecks your core and disrupts your breath, back extensions wreck your core and your hamstrings making the wall balls hell. Here is how it looks on paper:

AMRAP 20 minutes
-Wall Balls
-GHD situps
-Back Extensions

First up was Matt

I wish we had some before pictures but after only 3 weeks or so Matt has made a dramatic change in his fitness and his body. I wish we had pictures of when he first started.

Next up was Flo Jo and Terry

I had a break between appointments so I figured I would get my WOD in next

Already fatigued in this shot , my legs should be straight when I touch my toes.

Next up, Lauren and Danyelle

Due to equipment restrictions athletes rotated to substituted movements if a station was in use
Got Rock Bottom
Got Rock Bottom
Got Rock Bottom
Assume the position

Nadyne was up next and since she was alone I decided to do the WOD again with her. I used a 14lb ball instead of a 20lb and did AB Mats and Good Mornings instead of GHD's and Extensions this time.
Josh and Nao got there WOD in and Jamie was up last. Hannah jumped in and played a little.
The way the board reads is your rounds and your total reps in the next round. For example if you did 7 rounds and got 2 GHDs it would be 7+12, 10 wall balls + 2 GHDs= 12.
A few rounds with Lauren and Danyelle.

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