Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

First thing this morning was a private lesson with a new client.  You all know what that means...on ramp program.  It was the normal warmup, form work, then a quick WOD.  This particular client likes to do some boxing so I incorporated that into the WOD.  She did great for her first dose!

Today Mike, Matt, Flo Jo, and I did a WOD together. Mike had his own WOD which was:

-20 squats
-10 back extensions
-10 calories airdye
4 rounds for time

Our WOD was 30 squat clean presses for time. I used a 105lb barbell and the crew used medicine balls.

Flo Jo got a 10 burpees for using the word "can't" today
Next up was Terry, Nadyne, and Danyelle.  They did the same WOD.

Then came Jamie.  Since she was the last to go I decided to do the WOD again with her, but with a lighter weight.  This time I did a 25 lb. medicine ball.

Working with Jamie on form
Trying to make sure she learns the correct movement

Lastly, I had one more appointment.  Lora and Carrie came for a WOD.  They did a shorter version of yesterday's WOD which was:

10 min. AMRAP
  10 Wall balls
  10 Ab Mat Situps
  10 Good Mornings

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