Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hee Ya!!!

First of all todays is Josh's birthday so let's all say Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!  In the normal traditions...Josh should be doing a birthday WOD today, but he got lucky because he begins the HPD Academy tomorrow.  Good luck!  But don't worry his birthday WOD will secretly pop up somewhere when we can fit it into his schedule.

Today was sunday morning yoga class like normal.  Coco is still gone on vacation so we had the opportunity to have class with Lauren again.  Lauren is a great instructor...her class is run very differently from Coco, but with both of their teachings styles we always learn alot and are able to push ourselves.  As a nice change, Matt and Mikey joined us at Yoga this morning too.  It was their first times going to a yoga class, but I think they liked it!

After yoga, it was time for us to run around like crazy before coming home.  For me, that's when the real madness begins.  I carve pumpkins every year, but because it's so hot here I have to wait till the last minute or my pumpkins will die a slow death before Halloween even comes around.  So this year I carved three pumpkins...Hannibal Lecter, Ironman, and a sinister Jack.  Then I try to do everyone's makeup then get ready to go trick or treating with Halie, Hannah, Jamie, and Jack.  This year I just ran out of time and couldn't paint Jack's face...bummers!

When trick or treating was done, we came back to the house to eat dinner and have cake and ice cream for Josh's Birthday.

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  1. ROFL! You guys always catch people making the most ridiculous faces! I like this last pic though. I can't even recall what we were talking about. :P

    I think having a surprise birthday WOD is scarier than having it on your birthday. At least you'll know when it's coming if it's on your birthday. lol!