Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 7, 2010

Today I gave the crew the sandbell/sled workout.  I really liked this workout and I made it a little challenge between the boys and girls. Here is how it read again.

Boys WOD:
-18 yard sled drag with sandbell in tow
-12 sandbell thrusters
-six rounds for time

Girls WOD:
-18 yard sled drag with sand bell in tow
- 8 sandbell deadlifts
- 4 rounds for time

This is how the placings read:

1st place- Terry with a 13:05
2nd place- Matt with a 14:53
3rd place- Mikey with a 19:48
4th place-Josh with a 21:20

Awesome job Terry, way to put in work! Also lets hear it for Matt.  Matt has turned his whole life around, quitting smoking and drinking and eating paleo. He has only been at it since September 27th!!! Also check Mike out, only 5 workouts in!!! Also give credit to Josh for going through the police academy and still making time to get a WOD in!!!

For the girls it read like this:

1st place-Danyelle with a 4:35
2nd place-Jamie with a 5:40
3rd place- Nadyne with a 6:02
4rd place- Flo Jo with a 6:34
5th place Nao with a 8:26

Awesome job smashing this WOD Danyelle and Jamie!!!! This WOD really made it hard on the ladys with the lighter bodyweights. It made it really hard for them to move the sled and they had to make time up on the deadlifts. That is why it is awesome to see Danyelle take this one and Jamie come in second. Awesome job!!!
Look, Ted Bundy does Crossfit!!!!

 I did saturdays workout today which was:

-Dumbbell Thrusters (35lbs)
-Kettlebell Swings (53lbs)


This workout was a killer, thank you Crossfit Admundson!!!

Sweat angel

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