Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 29, 2010

          Today was a pretty crazy day...Jack had today off from work, which was a nice change, but it didn't quite go as expected.  He was supposed to just rest, train (lululemon run club), and go to the chiropractor, but when he was trying to get a blog in for the day...his computer CRASHED!!! Craziness!!  Luckily, everyone except Terry, Jack, and I had the day off from training today so were able to move our schedules around freely.

Terry is gone on a business trip so he has special travel WOD's prescribed for him.  Today, he did what's called the "Invisible Fran", courtesy of Crossfit One World's blog. Thank you!!!

That is: 21-15-9
     Thrusters (no weight)

He did it in an amazing 2:09!!!

Jack's WOD was a 20 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

   10 Push Press (115 lbs)
   10 KBS (53 lbs)
   10 Box Jumps (24")

He completed 7 rounds + 8 push press.  Good job!!

And here was my WOD...

5 Rounds for Time-
10 Medicine Ball Thruster (15 lbs)
10 KBS (20 lbs)
10 Ab Mat Situps
 Total Time- 9:08

Here is a video of our workout:

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