Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Man oh man its a hot one today!!! I call this workout Bionic because I seen Omar "Bionic" Torres do it on youtube. He did it in 6:33 with 95lbs! This was my first true WOD that I tried. It took me over 17 minutes to do only three rounds my first time, and I was completely wrecked afterwards.  My best time on this WOD with 95lbs is a 8:34, I am pretty happy with that. This workout will let you know if your diet is on or if you are correctly hydrated. If you are not you will not PR on this. Because of my hours at work and my days off I am not so consistent with hydration and diet.This is the only workout where my times go up and down as I do it and since I planned to do more than one workout today I decided to do a "light" Bionic. It is as follows:

Temperature- 89 degrees F
Humidity- 49%

10 ab mat situps
10 hand release pushups
trigger point roller
2 rounds for time

-7 thrusters (65lbs)
-7 ring dips
-7 pullups
-7 burpees
5 rounds for time

My time on this WOD today was 7:41. It is not as fast as I would have liked with the lighter weight but considering the heat and my goal to be steady with the work, I am pretty happy.

Next workout today was a core burner that also fatigued my grip!!! I was not getting my body into the proper position on the inverted descents, I learned this by looking at the footage. It was still a very hard workout. At the end of my evening, I practiced my inverted hang till I got my body into the correct position. It is so funny what we think our body is doing and what our body is ACTUALLY doing. Goes to show that we all need coaching!!! This workout is as follows:
-7 inverted body descents (as slow as possible)
-15 ring pushups
5 rounds for time

Again I know I need work on my form but it can only get better right! Point is to get out there and never give up!!!

Before form correction
Tough 18 minutes!!!
After Danyelle corrected my body position.
The doggies loved it!!!
My final workout of the day was a pretty good one. Here it is:

20 Kettlebell swings (35lbs)
40 yard sled run 
5 rounds for time

Here is the workout, sorry so dark!!!

7:05, pretty happy with that!

Danyelle and Flo did a run tonight for their WOD. Flo did 1.13 miles and Danyelle did 1.15. These runs are a testament to what Cossfit can do for you. My mother (Flo) has never ran a mile in her life. She is now 65 years old and did her run in 12.25 minute per mile pace!!! Keep in mind that I have not been giving them running workouts! Same goes for Danyelle, she has not ran in years. She ran at a 9.39 minute per mile pace!!! That is awesome. What other program can you do that will up your running game without running?

On a very important note I would like to say a little about night running safety. It is very, very important to remain visible during your night runs. Choose your gear wisely. Take a look at Danyelles running shorts. These are the Lululemon "Reflective Run:Speed Short" 
They are awesome!!! Look at how they reflect when the light hits them!!! I cannot say enough about Lulu's products, they are unmatched. You can tell that this company has their fingers on the pulse of the fitness community by the details in there products! 

Here is the board for the day. Another busy board!!!

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