Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Life's a game of inches."

Live life now, don't wait. Better to strive, push, and work than to live with regret. Fight for that inch, fight with everything you got! Nothing in this world is given to us, and life was never meant to be easy. The sooner you come to peace with this the better you will be. Be somebody. Be someone. Inspire the people around you. Help someone in need. Give your knowledge freely. Speak your mind, and stand up for yourself. Touch a life. Love. Do these things and do them from the heart. That is what this life is about. It is not about money, or what you drive. Its not about your house, or your possessions. Its about us. Living, breathing, loving. Its about your family. Your friends. Your life. It's your life. Live it!!!

Jack Cambra 2010

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