Friday, September 24, 2010

Danyelle's Blog September 23, 2010

Day #2 for jack...6:30am-11:30pm.  That means i got to help train everyone today. However, today's workout was one that i wasn't too excited about...OHS is not my favorite thing to do!    Sometimes finding the motivation to do something can be difficult and this was just one of those days.  So, I did whatever I could to convince myself to just get out there and get it over with and once it's done, i'm always happy that i did it!

  Overhead Squats (OHS)

For those who aren't familiar with this type of workout...21-15-9 is the amount of reps done for the round.
    round 1-
        21 OHS
        21 pushups
   round 2-
        15 OHS
        15 Pushups
   round 3-
        9 OHS
        9 Pushups

The entire crew had the same WOD today just with different weights and everyone did so good today.  That means next time they get more weight!  I did a 20lb. bar with and 18lb. weight vest.  This is the best weight vest's called a Hyper Vest.  It's form fitted with strings on the side to tighten the vest and it's super thin.  You can wear it under a shirt and nobody would ever notice and what's really cool is that you can add or remove weight from the vest.  Depending on what size vest you purchase, it is pre-loaded from 3lbs. (for kids) up to 10lbs.  Then you can purchase extra weights if you want to make it heavier.  Our vest is loaded with 18lbs. right now.  Check it out!

This was Jamie's first OHS workout so she used the dowel.  She did so well in keeping her form...good job Jamie!
Relaxing after her workout

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