Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow I am tired!!! Sept. 25, 2010

I am so tired!!! I started work at 8:30am and finished at 4:30am. Whew, that's a 20 hour day!!! At least I got a visit from Danyelle, Jackie, and Koa!!! By the time I showered and ate, I got to sleep at 5:30am. Then it was up at 7:15am so me and Danyelle could head to Lululemon so she could attend their 8 o'clock women's self defense class with Egan Inoue. Although I was only supposed to spectate and take pictures Egan asked me to participate as an "attacker", LOL!!!! I then proceeded to get my butt kicked by every woman I laid my hands on!!!! I thought Egan's class was spot on and that he taught real world moves for real world situations. I highly recommend that women and young girls attend at least one of his women's self defence courses at his gym, "The Studio" He said it best, "You never know when this could save your life!"

Heh, heh, no problem!!!
Danyelle and Koa listening in.
Take that!
This is for making us hold our poses so long in yoga!!! LOL!!!!
Coco kicking my butt

Climb that mountain Lauren!!!
Hey handsome

After class Jackie and Koa hopped in with us to go get a WOD in. Pretty tough one. Here it is:
-10 burpees
-10 box jumps
-5 rounds for time
This is one of those workouts that look okay on paper but really suck when you get into it, LOL!!! Here is a little sample.

 Uncle Charlie came by with his beautiful keiki's in his hot rod to say hello.
 This thing is awesome!!!

Jackie did awesome and Koa was amazing! This was his first ever crossfit workout!!! I gave him 3 rounds and he did great!!!

Later in the afternoon Lauren and Maile came by to get their Burpee/Box jump WOD in with Danyelle. First to go was Danyelle and Lauren. They did a awesome job with perfect form and smiles as usual. Second was Maile, this was her first Crossfit style workout so I Rx'd her workout to 5 burpees/5 box jumps. After a little technique work she was off and running with perfect form herself. I just want to say a word about the crew over at Lululemon. It really shows that they know how to hire people who live an active life. Every single one of them are fast learners and in great shape!!!
Warm up time
Here we go!

Maile was awesome!!!
Danyelle doing some assisted muscle ups

Looking good!!!
You are having way too much fun

After the long hours friday I just could not shake the feeling of being "run down". I took a nap in between Jackie and Danyelle's workout but I still felt tired. I did some muscle up practice in the afternoon but I could not muster up the energy to do the WOD. Finally at 11:30pm I forced myself outside to get the WOD in. Burpee/Box jumps (24") Whoa, bad idea!!!! LOL!!! I had nothing in the tank and my back was cramping in the later rounds, a good sign of dehydration!!! Lesson learned. When we train we really need to know the difference between laziness and when our body really needs the break. I have a bad habit of pushing a little too much when what I really need is to do rest. I am getting better though. Here are some pictures of my suffering.
Had to take off my shirt, could not breathe!!!
Not happy with my time at all
Another busy board!

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