Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13, 2010

Man this workout was a killer!!! I really need to work my double unders. Trying not to donkey kick so I had a lot of failed reps my first round. Killer hard!!! With the help of Coco at woaiyoga.com and Lauren from Lululemon I will  get my pistols worked out. I got the strength just need to up my flexibility!
Deadlift 275lbs x 7
Run 20 yards
14 pistols
20 Double unders
Run 20 yards
3 rounds for time
275lbs felt really heavy today!

Trying to run, HA, HA!!!!
Pistols are so much easier in Rouge DO-WIN lifting shoes!!! Check them out for all your crossfit needs! roguefitness.com
I need Lauren from Lulu to help me with my double  unders, LOL!
I always end up my dogs post workout recovery drink!

Here is one round of tonights WOD

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