Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Danyelle's Blog...September 22, 2010

      Day #1 of work for jack this week...5:45 am-11:45 pm and a new experience for me off to Lululemon Run Club I go!!! When Liz was here yesterday for her WOD, somehow she convinced me to check out the run club that Lululemon Ala Moana holds on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. You meet at the store then everyone walks down to Ala Moana Beach Park where the run begins.
     Once you're there, you follow the path that goes all the way around the park, which comes out to 2.7 miles where you run/walk at your own pace. Today, my running partners were Liz and Janna. So if you don't think you can run the entire distance, don't worry! I'm not much of a runner either.  My pace...snail speed!!

    The view at this time of the day was so beautiful that i just had to stop running to take a few pictures!  It's not too hot, the sun is setting, the moon is rising, people are still having a blast relaxing in the water while others catch their workouts, and you absolutely can't pass up the smell of everyone's BBQ's!!!
Liz and run partners for today.

The gorgeous sunset...
...and even some waves.

You even get a nice little city view with all the street lights and tall buildings!

The bright white light is the moon!  It was so big and bright that i just had to get a picture of it on my drive home.

If run club doesn't sound like your kind of thing, Lululemon also offers other classes.  Here's the link to the calendar of events!

While i was out galavanting at the beach, the rest of the crew had a WOD to do.  They did what Liz and I did yesterday.

50 Ab Mat Situps
40 step overhead walking lunge
30 Kettle Bell Swings (KBS)
3 rounds for time

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