Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jamie's first WOD / Nadyne's first assisted pull ups

This is my beautiful sister Jamie. She is no stranger to training but sometimes life happens and you just can't get to it. She is now getting back into the gym to get her fitness up. This is her first WOD. Her form is awesome but just three rounds to get her started nice and easy. Her WOD is as follows:
5 assisted chin ups
8-10 push ups
15 body squats
3 rounds for time

Nadyne is Danyelle's mom and she has been training with us for about two months. She has made amazing progress and is very dedicated. In her short time training she has lost 12lbs and has upped her fitness exponentially! Here is a short clip of her practicing her pull ups during her warm up. I am very happy with what this machine will do for my trainees!!!

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