Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010

Hey guys!!!! I am back from work and back at it. Sorry the posts been slow, I will work it all out between posting and working soon! LOL!!! A lot went on at the home gym today, I will post as I can. This is a video from my WOD today. Video starts on my 3rd round.

Game over!!! LOL!!!

Lauren said it best, this WOD is intense!!! Wow!!! I need a lot of work on my cleans, not hitting triple extension. I end up "muscling" the weight by pulling with my arms. Next time I attempt this workout I need to lower the weight. Original workout calls for 10 rounds but I rx'd for 8 rounds. Here is how she reads:
-10 Ab Mat situps
-10 pushups
-10 squats
-10 pullups
2 rounds

-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 body squats
-1 clean & push jerk 155lbs
-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 body squats
-2 clean & push jerks
Pattern continued till 8 reps are done in the clean & push jerk

Danyelle's Yoga Massage with Coco

Danyelle got her Yoga Massage today and she loved it! Coco is really gifted in everything she does and we love her here! Tomorrow we go to her 9:30 am yoga class at Diamond Head Yoga. Check out her schedule and the studio here:
Here are pictures and videos of the massage.
Again I will say this is the best massages we have ever had! Very specific to our own trouble areas and hand and hand with hard training. Here are the videos:

Look Coco up at

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