Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

My last day to train before my work days. Another hard one today!!!! Flora did a killer job today on her workout!!! 65 years old and she rocked a very hard workout. Here is mine and Flo Jo's WOD.

- 1 round of cindy (cindy= 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 body squats) Flo's pullups Rx'd on pullup machine
- 1 deadlift  (225lbs/53lbs)
- 1 round of cindy
- 2 deadlifts
- 1 round of cindy
- 3 deadlifts
Workout is done when 10 deadlifts are completed

Very tough workout and once again it was a hot one. If you are wondering why I repeatedly mention the heat it is because heat affects performance. When it is hot your body pushes your red blood cells to the surface of your skin to cool the blood down.  Being that the blood is sitting on the surface of the skin we have less blood to feed oxygen to our muscles. Less oxygen kills our maximum capacity. Here are samples of todays WODS. Videos are recorded with workout already in progress.

Flo's time

By the way, the name of this song is called "Thunder Thighs" so i thought it was perfect to pair with a workout video!

18:59 for me

Liz from Lululemon Ala Moana came by for a WOD today. It was a pleasure having her and we can't wait to have her back again!!! This is the WOD Danyelle and Liz did:

-50 ab mat situps
-40 step overhead walking lunges (10lbs)
-30 Kettlebell swings (20lbs)
 3 rounds for time

Damn, check out the form on these girls!!! Good warmup!!!

Hawaii, there is no substitute!!!
Almost there!!!
Awesome job girls!!! I tell you what, those Lulu girls are serious about their fitness!
Danyelle- 22:49
Liz- 23:05

In the evening Jamie got in a Rx'd Fran. She did her thrusters with a dowel and her pullups on the assisted pullup machine. For her reps I kept her at 15-9-5.

Rx'd Fran

Not bad sis!!!
Another rocking board!!! The rest of the crew had a day off.

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