Saturday, September 18, 2010

Danyelle and Lauren's WOD Sept. 18, 2010

Lauren from Lululemon came by today to get a WOD in with Danyelle after her massage. It was a good workout! Check Lauren's blog out at

-75 burpees
-60 ab mat situps
-50 kettle bell swings
-40 laying ring pulls
-30 pushups
For time
Who smiles during Burpees??? Lauren does!!!
Hey guys this is no time for a nap, LOL!!!!


  1. You two are awesome!! Thank you so much for a great workout..I had a blast, as you can tell I was smiling through most of the workout. haha!

    These pictures are classic! LOVE IT!

  2. Can't wait to have you back!!! I am so happy you like our gym!!!

  3. Aloha all...even if it hurts I love my wod and look forward to the challenge....I know I aam just a beginner but want to see how far Jack and Danyelle can help me take this.

    We are lucky to have them and such a great crew to suffer and enjoy with us.