Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Viking Power!!!

Everybody needs to tap into their inner Viking once in a while!!!
Viking Power!!!!


  1. Hlude wæran hy, la, hlude
    ða hy ofer þone hlæw ridan,
    wæran anmode. ða hy ofer land ridan,
    . . . .
    þær ða mihtigan wif
    hyra mægen beræddon
    and hy gellende garas sændan.

    Loud were they, lo
    when they rode over the barrow.
    Bold were they, when they rode over the land.
    . . . .
    when the mighty women
    made ready their strength
    and they sent forth the screaming spears.

  2. J-manator "The Norse Princess" are those the new INOV8's