Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27, 2011

When you workout at this gym, you don't even have to shower when you're done!
We had a hard WOD yesterday so for today, we wanted to give everyone a WOD that was going to be fun and hard at the same time.  Jack and I came up with a team competition that uses what Jack likes to call "real world" strength, brains, and strategy.  If you watched last year's Crossfit Games...todays WOD was similar to the sandbag WOD from the games.  It consisted of using common sense to move a bunch of weight then incorporating the element of the rower in short bursts that are just long enough to really make you work.  So on the board the WOD read..

Team Competition:

Move weight (total= 796lbs)
1800m row (split between partners, 300m at a time)
  for time

The rules were pretty simple.  All the weight had to moved from one side of the driveway to the other in it's designated spots.  There was a men's pile, a women's pile, and a community pile.  There was also a barbell and a hand-truck that could only be used once and that must be moved as well.  Once all the weight has been moved, you and your partner could move on to the row.  The row was a total of 1800m, but only one person could row at a time and must row 300m at a time.  Once the last person was done with the row, time stops.  The teams were split up to be one boy and one girl per team, but since we were uneven, the odd team tuned out to be 2 boys.  These were the standings...

Spaghetti & Meatball- 9:01
Sean & Showtime- 9:53
Peanut & Nunn- 10:06
Jmanator & Fresh- 10:26
Jack & Nadyne- 11:18

Layed out...i couldn't feel my legs!!!

The rock weighs 179lbs!

Sheila also came by today.  She did a different WOD from everyone else. Her WOD was...

.2mi airdyne
25 Squats
   3 rounds for time

Sheila- 8:05

After the WOD, Jack did some overhead squats.


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