Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Family, Thrusters, and Pull Ups

Today we had a few new people who came by to join our little Crossfit family. Michelle and Doug came for their first visit to our gym and get a workout in.  This is what I gave them:

-5 pull  ups (3 ring pulls)
-10 push ups (5 )
-15 squats (10)
  3 rounds for time

Michelle- 2:53
Doug- 2:04

They did an awesome job. My first introductory workouts are always on the more mellow side.  This allows me to assess fitness for future workouts and it doesn't leave our new athletes discouraged and in so much pain they don't want to come back. As with all training, you must give victory!
Excellent Ring Pulls!!!
Nice Squats

These two are an excellent addition to the gym. They are great listeners, have good attitudes and a strong base to start with. See you guys Saturday!

DB stopped by for his last training day before a few days off and his High School Combine this weekend. His workout today was:

30 Power Cleans (135lbs)
For time

DB- 4:47

DB did awesome. That is a fast time there buddy!!!

Get Some!
The rest of the crew got down with a little Thruster/ Pull up WOD off of the Crossfit Main Site from Friday 030523, May 23 2003. It reads as follows:

-3 Thrusters
-5 Pull ups (3)*
 7 rounds for time
Choose your load and keep it the same for all 7 rounds

Good workout that falls into a faster time domain but still hard enough to suck in that beautifut Crossfit way, LOL!!!!

Jack- 5:11  (135 lbs/) Rx'd
J-manator- 6:08  (50 lbs/Blue)
Terry- 9:43  (95lbs/ Red & Blue)
Flo- 9:32  (40 lbs/ Green band)
*Nunn- 6:29  (73 lbs/ Green band)
Carrie- 7:37  (50 lbs/ Green band)
*Jen- 5:18  (30 lbs/Green band)

Mom doing her Cher impersonation

Get down, get down
Lululemon burning bright, in the box of the night...

That's rock bottom
Total Fitness USA's Apollo Bumpers Rock!!!
Finally got some 45's! Thanks Nunn!!!

There goes the shoes
Bandana and shirt were soon to follow!
Man Down!!!
Thank you everyone for another beautiful day!!!

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