Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8, 2011

The gym all set up for today's WOD
Today the girls did a WOD of their own before everyone else came to train.  They did...

Warm up:
250m row
5 pushups
5 situps
  2 rounds

5 KB Deadlifts
7 Box jumps

Halie- 3 rounds (20lb DL, 20", 10lb KBS)
Hannah- 2 rounds (10lb DL, 12", 3lb KBS)

Tani is back for her spring break so it's going to be a short visit, but she came by to get a WOD in.  DB did awesome at his combine this past weekend, but hurt his shoulder killing the other boys so he had to take it easy with the arm movements.  So, they did...

450m Run
25 Squats
   4 rounds for time

Tani- 9:25
DB- 16:11

Jack and I decided to WOD with the rest of the crew today so we really don't have too many pictures of this WOD, but it was...

800m Run (900m)
5 (3) rounds of
    5 Deadlifts (225)
    7 Box Jumps (24"/20")
    9 KBS (53/35)
800m Run (900m)

This WOD came from Crossfit Santa Clara, but here at our gym we have to change it up a little and the run comes out to 900m because the route is 450m instead of the normal 400m.  50m doesn't seem like much, but when you're tired it makes a big difference!

Jack- 23:08 Rx'd
Jmanator- 17:53 (135lbs, 20", 26lb KBS)
Danyelle- 18:38 (95lbs, 24", 26lb KBS)
Doug- 21:25 (135lbs, 20", 35lb KBS)
FloJo- 22:51 (83lbs, 12", 20lb KBS)
Terry- 24:06 (199lbs, bike no jumps, 53lb KBS)
Matt- 25:40 (173lbs, 20", 35lb KBS)
Nadyne- 28:50 (130lbs, 6", 20lb KBS)
**Nunn- 17:15 (53lb KB DL, 20", 35lb KBS)
** Michele- 20:20 (44lbs, lateral jumps, 15lb KBS)


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