Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Muscle ups for Lunch

So I had some of the boys at work mount me a set up to hang some  rings in our storage room so I could get some work in at lunch. I was so excited to try them out I brought my Again Faster Wood Rings to work as well as my Go Pro HD camera One problem, this was two days after I got smashed by the Wall Walk/Toes to Bar/Box Jump WOD. As anyone can see I am no elite, when I do hard workouts I sometimes have a hard time doing some movements. Muscle ups happen to be one of them! So here I am, limited time, rings mounted, camera rolling, no muscle ups. Anyone who has been shot on muscle ups know the feeling, so close but just can't get over the rings. I fought for 15 minutes, nothing. I really had pull this one together. I turned the camera off, took a breath and tried to muster what I could. Got the camera back on and I fought for the hardest earned muscle up in my life. Its ugly but here it is!

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