Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The fun never stops!
Congratulations Sean!  Sean participated in today's Swamp Romp that takes place at Kaneohe Marine Core Base every year.  His team took 57th place out of 450...that's awesome! We look forward to putting a team together and participating in the fun next year.

Kevin's back!  Kevin has been occupied with a hard semester of school and work.  He has found a nice balancing point and was able to make it back to the gym today and as always he jumped right in and did great!  Welcome back Kevin!

Before the WOD today, Jack worked with DB on his reaction times.

In 12 minutes complete
2000m row
AMRAP of Deadlifts (275lbs)

Jack- 23 DL, 8:03 Row Rx'd
Terry- 24 DL, 8:17 (199lbs)
DB- 24 DL, 9:26 (185lbs)
Kevin- 20 DL, 7:59 (185lbs)
Matt- 20 DL, 8:35 (185lbs)
Jmanator- 18 DL, 9:35 (136lbs)
Carrie- 18 DL, 10:45 (85lbs)
FloJo- 12 DL, 10:43 (80lbs)
Nadyne- 10 DL, 10:23 (135lbs)
Danyelle- 9 DL, 10 min (100lbs)

We do what it takes...check out her socks!  FloJo pushed through the row and with less than a minute she ran over to the bar while taking off her shoes and part of her socks and was able to squeak out 12 deadlifts!

9 min Airdyne
30 KB Deadlifts

Nunn- 10:11 (44lbs)
Jen- 10:12 (35lbs)


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