Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Functional Training

Functional training. How functional is bench pressing for two hours with 10 minutes between sets? Or how about 500 lb squats that never go below parallel? How about dozens upon dozens of sets of isolation movements? How functional is it to only be strong with no conditioning? Spealler told us a story about a powerlifter who could pull 1000 lbs, but was breathing hard just walking across the stage, not to functional huh? Todays athletes could all benefit from some form of Crossfit. As a matter of fact, in 15 years from now I think every major sport will be doing Crossfit in some form. Being strong in one plane of motion with bad shoulders, knees, necks, and hips is not to athletic in my book.  Zero intensity Globo gym workouts do nothing for the modern athlete. Short intense workouts that move large loads a long distance in short time is the most beneficial to todays athlete.

That being said here is another video of DB doing some functional training getting ready for football season.


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