Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 16, 2011

Jack did the first "open" WOD for the crossfit games today.  For those who don't know what we're talking about, every year Crossfit holds what they call the Crossfit Games.  The Crossfit Games is like the olympics of crossfit and is held in order to see who the fittest man and woman on earth is. Usually in order to participate in the Crossfit Games, you must go through a series of qualifiers. First you would participate in a sectional workout and if you qualify you move on to regionals and then the games. This is a rough road to get to the games! This year it is the Crossfit Open ", you may go to an affiliate or video your workout and uploaded and be ranked as soon as your workout is cleared!!! You can participate anytime from anywhere in the world, even your home gym!!! One workout will be released every week for 6 weeks and the top 60 athletes from their region will move on to regionals.  So Jack wanted to have the opportunity to rank himself and see how he compares to other people over the 6 weeks.

Here is a video about the games:

 The first WOD was...

10 min AMRAP
   30 Double Unders
   15 Power Snatches (75/55)

Jack- 3 rds +30 double unders & 10 snatches

Jack- I did the best I could, this workout is a monster!!! I have no delusions of making the games I just wanted to participate and support the Crossfit community. Looks easy? Try it!!! Now here is a video of an elite killing this workout. Keep in mind that with this amzing performance Jason Kalipa is in 50th place with the top score being 9 rounds plus!!! AH WHAT!!!!!

Now here is a video of Laurie Galassi killing it to, 6 rounds plus! I am a fan!!!

As for the crew they crew went on a nice long boat ride today...their WOD was

3000m row
  for time

Nunn- 12:53
Terry- 13:29
Jmanator- 14:27
Nadyne- 16:05
FloJo- 16:38
Matt- 8:22 (2000m)

Sine both Matt and I missed yesterday, we did...

25 Ab Mat Situps
15 Front Squats
   5 rounds for time

Danyelle- 7:39 (55lbs, 3 rds)
Matt- 9:02 (75lbs, 3 rds)

Matt also started working on some new jump boxes for the gym

-Jack and Danyelle

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